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Advance Cooling Towers Private Limited is a leading FRP cooling tower manufacturer in India and an exporter of cooling towers. We are a well known name for our premium quality and highly efficient product range. We have an extensive network of our service team enabling us to provide prompt and timely solutions to any issue, minimising customer’s down time.

A Series

A Series Cooling Towers

It’s performance is certified under the CTI-STD 201 certification programme.

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NTM Series

NTM Series

It is the latest addition in the portfolio of our CTI certified cooling towers.

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SG Series

SG Series

This series offers the option of multiple types of fills in various depths.

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DM Series

DM Series

'DM’ series is the modular round bottle design series of Induced Draft Counter Flow cooling towers.

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What Sets Us Apart ?

With more than 37 years of research, engineering, and operational knowledge, our cooling towers are designed to operate in all conditions which has positioned us as the industry leader. Our cooling tower consumes very less energy per TR of cooling. We know how to fulfil our customer’s needs and requirements. With the presence of a dedicated research, development and testing facility, we are always innovating our cooling towers to meet excellence.

Our Key Features

  • Our cooling towers are engineered to exceed the thermal performance requirement increasing the overall efficiency of the complete cooling system and power saving.
  • Towers equipped with different types of fills to suit the water qualities like sea water and sewage water.
  • Our Fans are manufactured in house under regulated environment conditions with high quality standards.
  • We have an extensive presence of our service engineers and installation team , enabling us to respond to our client’s concern swiftly and effectively.
  • Options available in lower CAPEX and lower OPEX models.
  • Highly efficient drift eliminators limiting the drift loss to .0005%.
  • Provision of platform and safety accessories which allows ease of access for maintenance.
  • Aesthetic design with glossy finish on FRP panel inside out.
  • Not only our towers are CTI certified, but also materials used in construction of towers are as per CTI standard.
History Since 1981

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Why Choose Us ?

Cooling Tower Installation

As a leading cooling tower supplier, we offer easy and on-the-go cooling tower installation solutions for all critical and emergency cooling tower applications. We provide professional and technical expertise when it comes to installing cooling towers for all purposes with safety procedures by following HVAC standards and follow all regulations and codes to ensure safety to personnel and the environment.

Cooling Tower Sales and Service

Periodic maintenance is essential to maintain the performance of the towers. It is important to consider regular scheduled visits for the purpose of inspecting and reporting the tower’s condition and to make recommendations intended to reduce unforeseen breakdowns. Advance Cooling Towers deliver required services promptly and efficiently. Our employees have a vast cooling tower maintenance and repair experience in installing new towers , manning reconstruction projects and onsite emergency cooling tower repairs.

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